Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas blog friends!
I am slowly but surely getting back to everyday life. The leg is healing well and I hope to be starting limited physical therapy around the new year. I still have a cast on but they want me to start moving the toes and hip as much as I can.

Today was sedate but enjoyable. Harris and his family went to be with his grandparents and I felt like staying behind. Getting in and out of cars gets exhausting and road trips get a little sore. So here I am watching movies and reading.

School starts after the New Year and it looks like I'll be hobbling around campus for the second time in a year. FROWN The good news is that I don't have to drop the RA position. Really, the accident happened at a good time if you think of this in terms of school and work. I had the time to recover a little.

Harris' family has been wonderful. We had a lovely Christmas Eve and his mom gave me a pretty quilt. I had been telling her about this quilt my mom made me that I had to leave behind and she created a new one for me. It's nice to feel that motherly love again and - even if it makes me miss my own mom- I love having Harris' mom as a surrogate. I spent time making pommanders ( I think that's how it is spelled) with his mom and aunt. We had some nice chats and the house smelled like cloves for several days.

Thank you all for the Christmas wishes and get well wishes.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Accident, Thank You, Blogging

I'd like to thank everyone who sent well wishes through facebook, this blog, NLQ, Harris, FJ, and other places. It was nice to listen to Harris read your e-mails and comments while I was in the hospital and recovering.

Today, I'm feeling better. I'm a little out of it because of the pain medication but in the bigger scheme of things, I'm happy to be alive. The details of the accident are fuzzy but bits of things come back at strange times. Harris covered it mostly. A few friends had gathered for a movie night. One of the girls needed a ride to her parents' house about forty minutes out of town so four of us decided to go - to give the driver company on the way home. We dropped our friend off and started back to town. Crossing over the interstate, on a bridge, another driver (was was getting off the interstate) didn't see us coming over the bridge and made a left across our lane. We hit her broadside. I was in the front seat and the biggest memory I have is something punching me in the face. It happened so fast. The next thing I remember is the pain of my leg and warmth running down my face. I'm not sure what cut my face. I don't think it was glass since the glass kind of beaded up into tiny pieces and didn't seem sharp. I think it may have been plastic from the door frame? The other people in the car were hurt also. Our good friend "Margie" has a broken femur and wrist (she was the driver). We two were kind of pinned in the front seat until the Fire Department got us out. The girl in the back was sore and bruised up but she's going to be fine. The person in the car we hit was pretty banged up and I haven't heard about their injuries.

I almost didn't want Harris to say anything on the blog and I considered not saying anything myself. I know this year has been an injury fest. I don't know what to say to those who will post here doubting this. I'm not asking for anything but prayers for Maggie.