Sunday, May 23, 2010

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I have a spare moment before I go back to my study-coma.

I have received e-mails asking me what I think the Duggar bombshell will be. I suspect that they're going to take a hiatus for the summer and get Josie's weight up and get her home with home health care. I have heard that she can't withstand the surgeries/anasthesia she needs until she puts on some weight so I would guess the goal is to get her to bulk up a little. While they're doing this, they probably will be tied to the house more than makes interesting television. I predict that the show will start back up when the drama from Josie's surgery commences and JD and Jana get back from the missionary service in Asia. I also suspect that there's a number 20 on the way, but I don't want to say why yet.

My life has been crazy. I really enjoyed spending time with my brother...and my sister (she's 17). Yes, that's right for those who paid attention...once of my sisters left my dad's house and flew out here with my brother to be placed in a safe house. This only leaves Rani and Blessing to worry about (at most). While I'm happy about that, I'm nervous about how dad will react to all of this change in his life.

My sister left with nothing and needs clothes and food. If any of my generous donors would be willing to contribute to getting her started in life and registered in school, I will serve as the go between for ideas.

I got my cast off and start physical therapy this week. My leg is clammy and yuck.

The boys I will be nannying for are great kids. I look forward to spending time with them. Anything else I can answer?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Brother's Visit

I'm sorry I didn't update or check-in. My brother moved up his visit and we've spent the last several days visiting in between my studying for finals and writing papers.

Over the last several months, there have been comments and e-mails asking about life in ATI from the male POV. My brother took the time to answer some of your questions and we're posting them here. If you have more, he will be online tonight while I'm in class and studying.

Jennifer asked - Were your brothers favored by your father?
Sam replies - My dad was very strict with the boys, it seemed like he was more strict with us than he was with the girls. Our lives were regimented to the smallest detail. I always thought my dad loved us like a drill sergeant loves a recruit. When we did as he asked, we were his pride and joy. Then when we cut-up and acted out, we were punished severely. He would hit us boys openly but not hit the girls.

Does he treat the boys who left differently from Ruth? Why or why not?
He treats me better than Ruth because I was involved in a business with him until just recently. He sees my leaving as different than Ruth's because I left quietly and my marriage resulted from the courting process. Ruth broke all his rules. The truth is Ruth is braver than all us combined. When she left she embarassed him. She did the right thing for her and I will always stand behind her, it's still true that she laid his reputation on the line by exiting when and how she did and he can't get over her defiance.

Why did the brother who left ATI leave?
I was never into it. I don't believe in dominionism and I don't care for Bill Gothard. I wouldn't raise my family under patriarchy or that brand of Christianity.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I should have the next oart of the story up within the next week. School is crazy with prepping for finals and packing for summer. I'm going to spend two days with the family that I'm nannying for next weekend. I really feel bad for neglecting this blog but I have been doing my private entries for therapy. Therapy is intense as we are starting to deal with my feelings about being neglected by BOTH parents. Yes, I am starting to have anger toward my mom and that results in guilt. My brother is coming out to see me in two weeks and has agreed to see the therapist with me.

One of my brothers got married last week. His bride is just eighteen. She's from a fully QF/ATI family. I can't believe he's married. They had wedding guests donate money towards expanding the house my brother built for a nursery. I can't, but I can, believe it.