Saturday, April 27, 2013


I want to thank everyone for the ideas they had regarding teaching in a foreign country.  I called several of the places mentioned and there are several things I need to do before that's a possibility.  One thing is directly related to my childhood- immunizations.  When I finally enrolled in a community college, after being homeschooled, I had to provide proof of *some* vaccinations and take a TB test.   But, that was about the extent of the requirements.  For a job like this, it will take at least several months for me to catch up on the immunizations I missed as a kid and now need.   Some of them have to be given months apart.  Without insurance, I'm going to have to use the health department and try to arrange time off work that fits the health department's hours.  Things like this really irritate me- it seems like I can't escape the ramifications of my childhood no matter how far away I get.  Interestingly, I did have SOME immunizations when I was a newborn, they just never finished the series.  Now I have to start all over. 

I did get a promotion to head waitress at one job, so that's a small pay bump.  Yay!  I found a trailer park that has a trailer for sale and I'm about $3000 away from having what I need for the down.  That would be great.  I think I can get a loan for the rest and manage those payments.  *crosses fingers*  If I really scrimp, I can do that in a few months.  The owner said that he's willing to hold it for me so long as I cover the space it's sitting on.  I'm hoping that if I pay the stall fees reliably, that will convince him I'm serious about buying it.  :)  So, that's a step in the right direction.

I promised I'd tell you about my nieces birthday!
I can't believe she turned one.  In some ways, all of the drama with my sister seems like it was years ago!  At the same time, I can't believe that Miss Ellie is one!  She is just precious and her moms are doing a wonderful job.  She's loved and truly being allowed to bloom.  She has a few words and just took a wobbly little step this past weekend.  At her birthday party, there were at least 30 family members who clearly worship her.  :)  She had her own little cake that she demolished and her moms filled a fenced in area of the living room with plastic balls so that she, and her little friends, could have a private ball pit.  I'm just so happy for her.  To some extent, I owe all of you a big thank you in helping me help Rachel during that crazy time.  Whether you made a donation or gave advice, you had a hand in protecting my sister and getting my niece out of that lifestyle.  When people say that sites like FreeJinger don't do any good in the world, we can point to Ellie. 
OH! Ellie's parents are also thinking of adding another baby to their home.  They decided that they want one more so that they can give Ellie a sibling.  Wouldn't that be cool?