Monday, June 24, 2013


My last post generated some debate. I will try and answer as best I can. I realize 9 days was a quick work turn around but I don't get the comments saying no doctor would allow a person to return to work in 9 days. The surgeon I had at the hospital encouraged me to return to work at my own comfort but recommended a week of no work, a week of very light duty or no lifting, and then full duty as tolerated. I took a few days to recuperate but I honestly started to feel bored. The incisions are pretty small and the whole surgery was laproscopic. I feel better now than I have physically in a while. So...I am not sure what the implication is. I have shared my identity with certain people I have grown to trust and I think the feelings are reciprocated. But...the thing is...everyone has different standards of "she should tell someone " or "she would be authenticated". Who do I tell? If I were to satisfy every query, I am afraid the list of people requiring my info would be long. Because, I would have to tell someone you trust and he trusts and she trusts and they trust and you can start to see how that goes. I don't know. If you think my last post was a request for money, then let me tell you it wasn't. I had people expressing their worry and telling me to let them know what was up. So I did.