Friday, December 4, 2009

Email questions

How is your mom doing?
From what I've been told, she is progressing as expected. She did an amnio but I haven't been told what the results were. She's having trouble with her blood pressure plus being very fatigued but at her age that's not a shock. My dad has been listening in on our conversations so it's hard to say.


  1. I hope she and the baby end up okay, and she doesn't have to have anymore.

  2. how old is she again? 50ish?

  3. I am happy you are able to talk to your Mom (even with your father listening in) and she is doing alright. I hope she and the baby are okay. When is she due?

  4. . . . yay that she's doing ok so far? I mean that tentatively and NOT snarkily.

    I'm glad that you got news, even with your dad listening in. And I really hope both your mom and impending sibling stay healthy.

    On a somewhat different note, how did your Thanksgiving turn out? Any plans lined up for Christmas/New Year's?


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