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49 Character Qualities of Ruth- Part 2

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Deference vs. Rudeness – Limiting my freedom in order not offend the tastes of those whom God has called me to serve (Romans 14:21) – Bill Gothard
by RazingRuth

Within five months of ‘Elijah’s birth, my mom figured out she was expecting again. It dawned on my mother, on Elijah’s fifth month birthday, that she hadn’t had a period- she chalked it up to nursing -when, in actuality, she was already eight weeks along.

She was ecstatic, as was my father. In their bliss, they called my mother’s parents to share the news. It was met with moderated joy. My mom’s mom asked, quite innocently, if it was such a good idea for mom to be pregnant again so quickly. When she was assured that it was healthy, by my father, my grandmother suggested that the timing might be a good thing because it might be better for mom’s teaching career (less chaos by not going back only to be interupted by another birth – this way, she’d ‘get the baby making out of the way).

What mom hadn’t told her parents was that she wasn’t sure she’d go back to teaching. Oh, maybe someday, when her children were older and if they needed the money, but for now… no. The baby she held in her arms was the most beautiful and the baby in her uterus, so quickly realized, was an obvious sign that God was pleased with their decision to leave the timing and quantity of children to His discretion. Dad was making a decent living. They had begun saving money for a house and were working on living with less.

Mom had even gave most of her “worldly” wardrobe to a charity after hearing a Sunday School discussion about how a Godly woman should dress- modestly and chastely. Dad and mom prayed about her clothing and both felt sure that God wanted mom to rid herself of pants, short sleeves, and low necklines. Being a new mom and pregnant again, that seemed sensible to mom. She began sewing her own maternity clothes.

As the months progressed, mom says she began to sense a disconnect between she and her mother. When my mom called to share her joy in making these Savior-pleasing choices, she sense that her own mother wasn’t as receptive as some of her new friends. My mother shared those thoughts with the wives of my father’s friends and colleagues. They told her that this was normal. That people without faith or ‘purpose’ often didn’t understand the unmitagated joy that could come from serving the Lord. Mom called her mother less-and-less.

When my brother “Samuel” was born, they didn’t come to visit.


  1. I am sorry to hear of the rift beginning between your Mom and your maternal grandparents. Often parents and children dont agree, but I always hope that love and understanding will help maintain good familial relationships.

    Thank you for sharing these stories with us.

  2. Oh gosh.

    I know none of these people but I'm already aching for them. Well, moreso your grandparents because, to be honest, if a daughter of mine decided to Quiver I'd wonder where I had gone wrong with her.

    But I can also imagine how your mom must have felt because I can imagine how devastated I would be if my parents refused to see my baby because they didn't agree with my choices. \


  3. Wow. Frog boiling.

    Gutless cowards. Childbearing women are the easiest to oppress. Ask the Taleban.


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