Friday, March 12, 2010

Let's go to the movies

Harris helped me with this little movie.
If it doesn't work, you can try here:


  1. LOL. Very good, Ruth. Spot on, I'd say.


  2. I love the Jedi mind control hand wave at the end of the prayer.



  3. LOL...I wonder if it sounds as robotic in real life? I've failed miserable at all those things, but my boss would probably settle for me having a joyful countenance.

    My mother told me when I was little that if I went to college and got and education, I could hire people to do all that cooking and cleaning stuff.

    Awesome job!

  4. hi ruth! i have just finished reading your whole blog thus far and i (like SO MANY others) think you're positively amazing!!! i know that's a little redundant ... but... i just had to say it =).

    i can't get this little video to load on my computer, but i wanted to tell you anyway that i think this little thing you got goin with harris is adorable! your adventures with him are so sweet! =)

    keep blogging! i can't wait to hear more! and i hope you're doing wonderfully! always!

    - duckwithoneleg

  5. LOL That was hilarious. When asked what she would choose, I wish that the girl had answered, "Hell can't be all that bad." and left the guy standing there. LOL

  6. Ruth,

    Great job! I found it really humorous, then I remembered it is based in truth. Kinda bitter sweet in a way.


  7. That was awesome. I'm glad you chose to "follow Satan". (NOT.) :)

  8. lmao! What a perfect format for this film! You guys are hilarious! Thanks for sharing your fun with all of us.

    Wishing you all the best and rejoicing that you escaped the fate Darth Daddy had planned.

    Love has such bigger plans for you! =)

  9. You know, Harris has put a lot of thought in these dates. He's found great ways of showing you new things while not doing anything that could be interpreted in a negative way.

    He just seems like a really sweet guy. I hope you had fun. I hope you have a fun spring break. Do you have plans for summer yet?

  10. Wow! (like others have already said). You hit upon legalism/fundamentalism/patriarchy spot on and you accomplished it in a minute and a half. I found myself chuckling a bit while also having a sickening feeling inside of me for the innocent people stuck in this gulag of a life. Without a shadow of a doubt, I KNOW that I would lose my mind, literally, if I had to live like that. I mean that sincerely as I have 7 children (age 26 to age 8) and know how hard it is to raise children without these totally UNREALISTIC expectations that the father in the video is espousing.

    Ruth, dear Ruth, thank God that you extricated yourself from the future that the father in this video is talking about. The life he's trying to project to his daughter is fitting for a work mule, not a young woman.

    In patriarchy, the woman can never win, can she. She is supposed to work her fingers to the bone (in every capacity that you mentioned in the movie), and smile and "be sweet" all the while. The sickest thing is that the woman is told amd reminded that she is "doing it all for God." What a clever way to suck a woman's spirit and soul dry and have her submit to her husband's/father's every whim (be it normal or not) by using "God" as the instrument with which to control with and demand obedience, subservience, and submission. It's like, "thank you for joining us. Now be sure to hang up your brains at the door as you enter, please".

    Good job, Ruth and Harrison. Wishing you peace and much love.



  11. Hi Ruth,
    The movie was great, yet sad when I know there are women/girls out there actually being told these things. I hope you have a nice spring break and a fun time with Harris.

  12. Ruth,

    This movie is so cool! I'm really glad Harris is showing himself to be such a good man.

    I'm just sad that the movie is also true to life for many.


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